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A responsive, user-friendly hiking trail search app for web and mobile devices
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BackPack: Your Next Adventure Awaits

A responsive, user-friendly hiking trail search app for web and mobile devices


Hosted on GitHub Pages

BackPack is built for the 34 million hikers and 9 million backpackers in the United States and even more globally. With a robust search functionality powered by the Google Maps Geolocation API and the HTML5 Navigator.Geolocation Library, BackPack lets hikers search by a variety of locations (including places of interest and their current geolocation) and filter results by a maximum trail length.

Leveraging multiple APIs, search results include all the information hikers need to hit the trail. The Hiking Trails API provides instant access to trail name, length, a photo, and short description, as well as a link to more details like altitude and trail map. The OpenWeather API provides current weather conditions, while two additional Google Maps APIs (Directions API and Javascript API Geometry Library) provide distance from trail and directions to its location.

Built by Ivan Rendon, Cecelia Martinez, Tonja Jean, and Ramis Naseem at the Full-Stack Software Development Boot Camp at the Georgial Institute of Technology.

Built With:

  • HTML5
  • CSS (Bootstrap)
  • Javascript (JQuery)

Unique Challenges:

  • Differentiating between current location or search input location for AJAX calls
  • Managing dependencies between multiple asynchronous AJAX calls
  • Filtering API call responses by trail length search criteria
  • Clearing previous search criteria to allow for multiple searches in the same session

APIs Used:

  • HTML5 Navigator.Geolocation Library
  • Google Maps Geolocation API
  • Hiking Trails API
  • OpenWeather API
  • Google Maps Javascript API Geometry Library
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