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step 1: train the original model

  • download training/testing dataset and put it in ./data/train.tsv and ./data/test.tsv, each line should consist of the text and the label, seprated by \t
  • cd src/
  • make train_LSTM (to train LSTM classifier)
  • make train_CNN (to train the word-level CNN classifier)
  • Move the models to targeted directory, e.g. ../model/ and ../model/

step 2: set up word embeddings model

step 3 (optional): set up sentence paraphraser (it will take up very large memory)

step 4: generate adversarial examples

  • In the Makefile, change the input parameter model_path to the above generated models; also, change the input parameter first_label to the first label name (e.g. FAKE for the news data) appeared in the training file. (Otherwise the model doesn't distinguish positive and negative labels)

  • "make attack_cnn" to generate adversarial examples of the wcnn model

  • "make attack_lstm" to generate adversarial examples of the lstm classifier

  • To use joint sentence and word level attacks, do step 3 and run the following

  • make attack_cnn_joint

  • make attack_lstm_joint


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