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Cecula SMS


Cecula SMS Package (also called Library) enables you to quickly integrate and send A2P and P2P Messages from your application.

How to Use

  • Install Cecula SMS using composer by following the instructions in the Installation section or clone from GitHub
  • Login to the Cecula Developers Platform register your app and generate an API KEY
  • Include or Require the Cecula class into your script


Install with composer

composer require cecula/sms

Clone from GitHub

git clone https//

How to Generate an API Key

Your API Key is first generated when you register an app. To register an app, Login to the Developers Dashboard, Navigate to Apps > Add, Type the name of your app and click Submit. The app will be registered and a new API Key will be generated. Copy the API key into your project. Click to get started.

Loading Package into your Project

If you installed installed app with composer use the code below to load package into your project

require_once __DIR__."/vendor/autoload.php"
$cecula = new \Cecula\Cecula("<API_KEY>");

If you cloned from github, use the code below to load package into your project

require_once "/path/to/class/Cecula.php";
$cecula = new \Cecula\Cecula("<API_KEY>");

Sending A2P SMS

To send SMS with alphanumeric identity to single or multiple contacts, use the code below:

    $messageData = [
        "origin" => "LAB",
        "message" => "It's a good day to be alive. What are you working on?",
        "recipients" => [


Your response should look like this:

       "status": "sent",
       "reference": "4982953",
       "sentTo": [ "234809xxxxxxx" ],
       "invalid": [],
       "declined": [],
       "declineReason": "",
       "code": "1801"

Sending P2P SMS

To send a message using numberic identity, use the code below:

   $messageData = [
       "origin" => "2348050209037",
       "message" => "Testing the power of many",
       "recipients" => [


Your response should look like this:

        "status": "sent",
        "code": "1801",
        "messageID": "2579",
                "recipient": "2349090000246",
                "id": "5990"
                "recipient": "2349090000271",
                "id": "5991"
        "declined": []

Checking A2P SMS Balance

To get your A2P SMS Balance, getA2PBalance method is used this way:


You should get a response like this:

        "balance": 234.1

Checking Sync Cloud Balance

To get your Sync Cloud Balance, getSyncCloudBalance method is used this way: This method requires no parameter:

    $request = [
        "identity": "234909xxxxxxx"

You should get a response like this

        "balance": 9513

Error Responses

In a case where the request fails due to one reason or another you should get an error response from the requested endpoint that looks like this:

            "error": "Invalid PIN Ref",
            "code": "CE2000"

The table below shows a list of error codes and their descriptions:

Error Code Description
CE1001 Missing Fields
CE1002 Empty Fields
CE1003 Origin cannot be longer than 11 characters
CE1004 A2P Message origin must be alphabets only or alphanumeric
CE1005 Message cannot be longer than 10 pages
CE1007 Cannot find the identity on Sync Cloud
CE1008 Origin is pending verification
CE1009 Account Unbound. Please Recharge Account and Contact Sales
CE1010 Numeric Originator must be between 5 - 16 digits long
CE1011 P2P Message originator must be numeric
CE1012 Origin is not verified
CE1013 Sync App is Offline. Please check device


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