Presented at CSS Dev Conf 2016
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Level up your GIF Game 👍

Presented at #CSSDevConf 2016.


How do you pronounce GIF?

JIF is the Format, GIF is the culture

History of GIFs

Arrival of a Train, by the Lumière Brothers

Early Kinetoscopes, by Edison

Sprinkler Sprinkled, by the Lumière Brothers

What makes a good GIF?

A good GIF is a simple concept

What makes a great GIF?

A great GIF provides an unexpected element

GIFs in the workplace

A few simple rules for safe workplace GIFs

  1. If you wouldn't share it with HR, it doesn't belong in chat
  2. Does it enhance the interaction?
  3. Do not use /giphy lightly

Common tools

GIPHY lesser known commands

Returns #1 rated result for the query

/giphy #1 [search term]

Returns a yes or no answer based on a question

/giphy #magic8ball [question]

Returns a random GIF with your weather forecast

/giphy #weather [city or zip code]

GIF Keyboard integration

GIF Keyboard on Slack is an alternate GIF integration that gives you more flexibility.

Returns one result:

/gif [query]

Returns several results to choose from before posting. The results are only visible to you until you choose which one to share.

/gifs [query]

Custom workflows

Dropbox + Alfred

  1. Host your GIFs in Dropbox Public folder
  2. Use custom Alfred workflow to search in folder + bash script to generate sharable Dropbox link.

Click here for tutorial.

Github + CLI

Free option!

  1. Host your GIFs on Github
  2. Use shareable Github links for GIFs
  3. Set-up aliases and bash script to search and generate sharable URLs

Alias to cd into GIF repo, git add, git commit and git push

alias gif-add="cd ~/absolute/path/to/gif-repo && git add . && git commit -m 'adding GIFs' && git push origin master"

Alias to search GIF repo from any location

alias gif-search="~/absolute/path/to/gif-repo ls | grep"

$ gif-search query

Bash script to generate sharable URL

echo $base_url

To run the script as an executable from anywhere:

  1. Move file to /usr/local/bin
  2. Add privileges chmod +x filename