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The JASMIN Analysis Platform is a Linux based system containing many of the tools used by Atmospheric and Earth Observation scientists to analyse data. CEDA maintains a set of RPMs compatible with Red hat Enterprise Linux 6 and CentOS 6.4 which radically reduces the overhead in installing these analysis tools. The JASMIN Analysis Platform is installed on all shared-analysis VMs within the JASMIN infrastructure and the LOTUS cluster. It can be installed on dedicated VMs within JASMIN/CEMS on request.

If you are a linux user or system administrator you can make use of the JASMIN Analysis Platform by following the installation instructions on this wiki.

Please visit for details of how to get access to the JASMIN infrastructure.

Recent System Updates

For information about recent changes to the JASMIN Analysis Platform and releases on JASMIN please see the Updates page.

Install it yourself

The following image shows how you can install, try and deploy the JAP yourself:

JAP Sketch

You can install the RPMs onto an existing system. RPMs are available for Red hat Enterprise Linux 6 or a binary-compatible alternative such as CentOS 6.x.

Install as RPMs Install JASMIN Analysis Platform RPMs on RHEL/CentOS Linux

Requesting VM Features

Please submit bug reports and feature requests as Github Issues.

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