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A robust, variational multigrid library implementing BoxMG on large scale parallel systems.
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The Cedar Framework is a robust, variational multigrid library implementing BoxMG on large scale parallel systems.

The Cedar Framework is a collaborative project between the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Work on this project is based in part upon work supported by the Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration, under Award Number DE-NA0002374.

Cedar is release under the BSD-3-Clause (see LICENSE.txt).


mkdir build
cd build
ccmake ..
  1. [c] to configure. As a basic build, use

    • CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX as ./local_install/
    • MPI_LIBRARY is set correctly
  2. [c] to configure again

  3. [g] to generate

  4. make to compile (or make -j4 to compile with 4 threads)

  5. make install

CMAKE Options

CMAKE Option Description
ENABLE_3D           Build with 3D support
ENABLE_EXAMPLES     Build examples
ENABLE_MPI           Build with MPI support
ENABLE_UNIT_TESTS   Build unit tests


Following the installation instructions above, run the following from the build directory:

  • ./examples/ser-poisson-2d or
  • mpirun -np 4 ./examples/mpi-poisson-2d

This should give:

Iteration 0 relative l2 norm: 0.388629
Iteration 1 relative l2 norm: 0.0443548
Iteration 2 relative l2 norm: 0.00494131
Iteration 3 relative l2 norm: 0.000513399
Iteration 4 relative l2 norm: 5.44908e-05
Iteration 5 relative l2 norm: 5.60612e-06
Iteration 6 relative l2 norm: 5.86933e-07
Iteration 7 relative l2 norm: 6.04942e-08
Iteration 8 relative l2 norm: 6.30975e-09
Iteration 9 relative l2 norm: 6.52713e-10
Solution norm: 2.04592e-05
Finished Test

The examples above are defined in examples/2d/ser and examples/2d/mpi of the root Cedar directory.


  • The config.json file lists the main configuration settings for the solver.
  • src/config/schema.json describes the full set of options.
  • Adding "log": ["status","error","info","debug"] to the config.json file will give verbose output.

To view the solution, modify the file to include

    int rank;
    MPI_Comm_rank(MPI_COMM_WORLD, &rank);

    std::ofstream outfile("solution-"+std::to_string(rank)+".txt");
    outfile << sol;

Then make. Here there will be np different solution files solution-*.txt. This can be viewed in Python for example in example_output.ipynb, which gives the following for the processor layout (mpirun -np 6) and the solution:


  author = {David Moulton and Luke N. Olson and Andrew Reisner},
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