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Backwards Incompatibility


These are minor changes -- just renames. The deprecated imports and classes still exist for backwards compatibility, but are marked as deprecated.

  • The SpecHelper class has been renamed to CDRSpecHelper, an alias has been made, but you should rename to the new prefix styled class name.
  • <Cedar.h> and <Cedar-iOS.h> are now the recommended imports to use instead of <SpecHelper.h> in your PCH file

Major Changes

stub_method Changes

stub_method is now more type-leinient than before. This allows stubbing of methods that return CLLocationCoordinate2D, for example, to work correctly.

stub_method now supports and_do_block(), which directly accepts arguments the stubbed method would take. This provides a nicer interface instead of using and_do(), which got more complicated to use under ARC. Here's an example usage for and_do_block():

// defined on the class being faked
- (int)incrementNumber:(int)num {}

fake stub_method(@selector(incrementNumber:)).and_do_block(^int(int num) {
    return num + 1;

stub_method is also now can better discern when arguments are specified with wildcards specified via Arguments::any([Class class]) and Arguments::anything().

And no more type-casting to and_return() for nil, you can now do it directly:

fake stub_method(@selector(value)).and_return(nil);

contain Matcher Changes

First, the contain matcher now supports views:

view should contain(childView);

With the new nested() method, you can check for arbitrary nesting:

view should contain(grandChildView).nested();

This works for arrays and sets too.

A new assistant sub matcher, an_instance_of(), can be used to check if an item belongs to a given class:

view should contain(an_instance_of([MyView class]));

It can be used in conjunction with the other new features.

Dictionaries also have specializations for verifying keys and values:

dictionary should contain(@"aKey").as_a_key();
dictionary should contain(@"aValue").as_a_value();

Expectations around nil

Various fixes have been made around how matchers and stubs deal with nil. An example of existing behavior in Cedar:

id value = nil;
id otherValue = nil;
value should equal(otherValue); // fails

This expectation fails in order avoid the common pitfall of objective-c's nil absorbing method calls to avoid incorrectly passing tests. If you explicitly want nil, you must use the be_nil matcher.

Using stub_method().with() no longer delegates to equal matcher behavior, because of the nil behavior explained above. This means implicit nils in with() work.

Various other nil behaviors have been fixed:

  • using a stubbed method with(<NSNumber>) parameter no longer crashes when given nil.
  • equal no longer crashes when comparing NSNumbers, but one of the values is nil.
  • stringifiers correctly handle for nil values of other types (e.g. - NSNumber).
  • be_nil now works against blocks.

Other Changes

File Templates

  • File templates use new icons
  • File templates now use Xcode-pills for subject-under-test
  • The default stringifier no longer crashes when attempting to stringify unsupported c-structs.
  • Fixed warnings in project file for users that add cedar as a subproject or newly creates projects via template

Fixed Crashes

  • Fixed crashes when running in Mountain Lion
  • Fixed crashes for Xcode Plugin with Xcode 5.1


  • xcrun is used in rakefiles instead of hard-coded values when possible
  • improved error messaging for rake upgrade
  • cedar will only clean its own templates and not delete its directory
  • kill the simulator when after running tests to clear environment variables
  • fixed rake install failure when Xcode plugin directory does not exist.


  • Cedar now supports/compiles with 64-bit support
  • Xcode Plugin specifies support for Xcode 5.1
  • Refactored bootstrapping of test runners (and now have a consistent set of default runners for test bundles)
  • podspec file now explicitly links to libc++
  • describe and context blocks are released eagerly instead of after the entire spec suite finishes.
  • Fixed memory leaks (spies included)