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LibSWD-0.7 (2017-02-15):
* ARM Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M4 support.
* AP read fix (ABORT after READ).
* MEMAP support for 16-bit non-packed writes.
* LibSWD Application CLI and CPUID improvements.
* Fixed byte-laning and memory alignment issues.
* Source code cleanup.
* Special thanks to Andrew Parlane of [Carallon Ltd.](! :-)
LibSWD-0.6 (2013-10-20):
* Introducing CLI (Command Line Interface) parser framework. Updated error defines.
* Major fixes in LOG functions. Introducing vprintf() like libswd_log_internal_va().
* Added DEFAULT defines for LogLevel and AutoFixErrors libswdctx->config values.
* Introducing MEM-AP routines.
* Introducing Standalone LibSWD Aplication.
* Introducing initial support for Debug and Flash access.
LibSWD-0.5 (2012-12-06):
* All functions and defines were renamed to use prefix libswd_ and LIBSWD_.
* This is a first and official candidate for release with OpenOCD master.
LibSWD-0.4 (2012-10-14):
* Implemented necessary data phase on ACK={WAIT,FAULT} reply from Target.
* Unknown ACK response and Protocol Error Sequence detection.
* swd_cmd_t was added *errors to hold queue for error handling in ACK element.
* automatic error handling on queue was not included in this release yet.
* fixed swd_cmdq_free_tail()
* swd_cmdq_flush() updates swdctx->cmdq upon execution.
* swd_drv_transmit() updates swdctx->log values only on successful transmit.
* DP and AP operations including MEM-AP now works.
* OpenOCD integration is almost done, flashing works (1938B/18.6s with FT2232).
LibSWD-0.3 (2011-11-11):
* Fixed critical issue with ACK/DATA bitswap due erratic ARM documentation.
* Fixes and improvements in libswd.h.
* Debug hint function in Request packet decoposition (libswd_drv).
* Fixed OpenOCD drivers.
* Introduced SWD_LOGLEVEL_PAYLOAD even more verbose than debug.
* All transfers are now LSB-First.
* Major bugfixes.
LibSWD-0.2 (2011-10-31):
* Source code reorganization (split into different files).
* Build system fixes and documentation updates.
* Integration with OpenOCD.
* Bugfixes and improvements.
* Error detection in swd_drv_transmit() - cmdq is truncated on error.
* Created dedicated functions to work on DAP registers.
LibSWD-0.1 (2011-04-02):
Initial release of LibSWD:
* Basic functionality of transport, queue and drivers for ADIv5.0.
* Automated SW-DP activation/reset and IDCODE read.
* Tested and verified functionality on UrJTAG.
* Source code documented using Doxygen.
* Autotools integration for standarized build.