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Cedexis Openmix applications give you dynamic, flexible, and automatic control over where your traffic is routed so that your business goals are achieved. Openmix applications are programmed in JavaScript (previously PHP), a commonly used server-side language accessible to most web programmers and network administrators.

These Openmix Application scripts are used by specialized DNS servers to respond to DNS requests based on the logic in the scripts. Deployment of the scripts is done via our customer portal or web services API.

This wiki guides you through everything there is to know about developing Openmix applications. In it you'll find out about the library of applications to get you started quickly and details of the entire Openmix API.

You may not need to write an application at all. Openmix Quick Start Applications cover the most common uses of Openmix and are configured through the Cedexis portal by navigating to Configuration > Openmix Applications.

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Example 3rd Party Integration

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