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Cedille, a dependently typed programming languages based on the Calculus of Dependent Lambda Eliminations
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.cedille Updating stdlib Jul 29, 2019
cedille-mode More progress, got beta-reduction buffer up and working again Jun 18, 2019
cedille-tests Use #!usr/bin/env as shebang Apr 27, 2019
core Fastforwarding to master Jul 22, 2019
docs docs: mention non-dependent erased products Oct 28, 2019
encodings/mendler Adding a simplified version of our Mendler encoding Oct 22, 2019
ial @ c499180 Fixed some instance resolution type errors for Agda 2.6 Aug 12, 2019
issues Adding a testcase for issue #120 Oct 15, 2019
language-overview Adding an example of delta Oct 23, 2019
new-lib docs: mention non-dependent erased products Oct 28, 2019
packages Use #!usr/bin/env as shebang Apr 27, 2019
parser More progress, some bug fixes and reworking of templates Jun 27, 2019
script scripts: bootstrap: `cabal update` after installing Nov 11, 2019
se-mode Fixes #40 Feb 1, 2019
src Fixes #120 (I think...?) Oct 22, 2019
.gitignore speed test script and performance makefile targets Oct 14, 2019
.gitmodules Fix ial submodule path Aug 13, 2019
.travis.yml Fix Makefile for elaboration files Aug 15, 2019 Update build documentation and Travis to use our Agda install script. #… Oct 29, 2018 updated for 1.1.1, in dev meeting Apr 29, 2019 fix typo Sep 13, 2019
LICENSE added license Sep 12, 2018
Makefile some performance analysis notes from profiling Oct 14, 2019 Add Travis file to build Cedille #28 Oct 29, 2018
cedille-mode.el Delete and backspace (and C-d) now leave Cedille mode Sep 30, 2019 Use #!usr/bin/env as shebang Apr 27, 2019 added some performance notes Oct 14, 2019 added Mar 28, 2019 speed test script and performance makefile targets Oct 14, 2019

The Cedille Programming Language

Build Status

Please see the Cedille homepage for an introduction to Cedille.

Repository Content Highlights

  • cedille-mode/: Elisp code for the Cedille Emacs mode
  • cedille-tests/: Unit tests for the Cedille Emacs frontend
  • core/: A Haskell implementation of a Cedille Core checker
  • language-overview/: Example Cedille programs that demonstrate some of its important features
  • lib/: The (provisional) Cedille Standard Library
  • parser/: The parser for the Cedille language (written in Haskell)
  • se-mode/: The Elisp source code for the Emacs "Structured Editing Mode"
  • src/: The Cedille source code (written in Agda)



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