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Blingbling is a graphical widget library for Awesome Windows Manager. The goal of the Blingbling library is to provide more fancy, customizable and easy to setup graphical widgets, popups or signals for Awesome WM.

Originally, I have written Blingbling for myself but I share it under the GNU GPL-v2 ( Testers and feedbacks are welcome!

The current version is the v2.1 and works with Awesome WM <= 3.5.6 and Lua <= 5.3. There are a lot of changes between the v1.0 and the v2.0. Open the doc/index.html file if you want to read an exhaustive documentation.



Version: v2.1

  • line_graph
  • progress_graph
  • triangular_progress_graph
  • value_text_box
  • volume
  • popups
  • net
  • task_warrior
  • udisks_glue
  • system
  • clock
  • tagslist
  • text_box
  • calendar
  • transient

This part is an adaptation of some of the wlourf awesome stuff :

  • wlourf circle


($XDG_CONFIG_HOME usually ~/.config)

cd $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/awesome/
git clone git://


In your rc.lua:


You can find a full documentation on each widgets in the doc directory, just open the index.html file.


Create a line graph and fill it with vicious for example (you can configure the widget with a table or with the related methods ):

cpu_graph = blingbling.line_graph({ height = 18,
                                        width = 200,
                                        show_text = true,
                                        label = "Load: $percent %",
                                        rounded_size = 0.3,
                                        graph_background_color = "#00000033"
--cpu_graph:set_label("Load: $percent %")
vicious.register(cpu_graph, vicious.widgets.cpu,'$1',2)

Create some progress graphs :

cores_graph_conf ={height = 18, width = 8, rounded_size = 0.3}
cores_graphs = {}
for i=1,4 do
  cores_graphs[i] = blingbling.progress_graph( cores_graph_conf)
  vicious.register(cores_graphs[i], vicious.widgets.cpu, "$"..(i+1).."",1)

Add those widgets to your wibox:

for i=1,4 do

Create a value text box:

home_fs_usage=blingbling.value_text_box({height = 18, width = 40, v_margin = 4})
home_fs_usage:set_values_text_color({{"#88aa00ff",0}, --all value > 0 will be displayed using this color
                          {"#d4aa00ff", 0.75},
--There is no maximum number of color that users can set, just put the lower values at first. 
home_fs_usage:set_label("usage: $percent %")

vicious.register(home_fs_usage, vicious.widgets.fs, "${/home used_p}", 120 )

Create a triangular progress graph (can be feed with vicious too):

triangular = blingbling.triangular_progressgraph({height = 18, width = 40, bar = true, v_margin = 2, h_margin = 2})

Create a volume widget (triangular progress bar with specific methods):

volume_master = blingbling.volume({height = 18, width = 40, bar =true, show_text = true, label ="$percent%"})

Add popups to one or more widget with blinbling.popups module:

--Example with cpu_graph created previously with default color :
blingbling.popups.htop(cpu_graph, { terminal =  terminal })

--Example with custom colors:
blingbling.popups.htop(cpu_graph, { title_color = beautiful.notify_font_color_1 , user_color = beautiful.notify_font_color_2 , root_color = beautiful.notify_font_color_3 , terminal =  terminal })

Create a net widget with a popup that display connection informations:

netwidget ={interface = "eth0", show_text = true})

Create a new task_warrior menu:

task_w = blingbling.task_warrior({ menu_icon = file_path, project_icon = file_path, task_icon = file_path ,task_done_icon = file_path, width})
task_w:set_project_icon(themes_dir .. "/test/titlebar/maximized_focus_active.png")

Create a menu which displays mounted media with actions like mount/unmount/detach/eject. Must be used with .udisks-glue.conf that I created. ( The name of the variable containing the widget must be the same in your rc.lua and in the .udisks-glue.conf).{ menu_icon = themes_dir .. "/test/titlebar/maximized_focus_active.png"})

note: Added minor update to allow udisks_glue to insert a device without mounting it. See .udisks_glue.conf


Provide buttons with menu in order to reboot or shutdown the system. User can set icon for menu, accept and cancel actions.


lock=blingbling.system.lockmenu() --icons have been set in theme via the theme.bligbling table
logout=blingbling.system.logoutmenu() --icons have been set in theme via the theme.blingbling table

This part provides a clock which displays month, day of month and day of week in japanese (kanji form)

mytextclock = blingbling.clock.japanese(" %m、%d、%w、<span color=\"#999999\">%H<span color=\""..blingbling.helpers.rgb(20,31,82).."\">時</span>%M<span color=\""..blingbling.helpers.rgb(20,31,82).."\">分</span> </span>")

The blingbling.text_box are widget like Awesome textbox but with more parameters.

  • background_color the color used to fill the background
  • background_text_color a background color that will be set between the background and the text
  • h_margin v_margin margin between the text background and the wibox
  • rounded_size the size for rounded corners : this can be a number that applies for all corners or a table of 4 values { upper left, upper right, lower right, lower left }
  • text_color, font, font_size

This object is an adaptation of the taglist object from awesome. Tags are blingbling.text_box. Users can provide a style for the tags as the last argument. The style must be a table with the 4 keys corresponding to the states of a tag (normal, focus, urgent, occupied). Each value of this keys are tables with style paramaters of text_box widget. (width, height, h_margin, v_margin, background_color, background_text_color, rounded_size, text_color, font_size, font.

Just replace the line

mytaglist[s] = awful.widget.taglist(s, awful.widget.taglist.filter.all, mytaglist.buttons)


mytag[s]=blingbling.tagslist(s,  awful.widget.taglist.filter.all, mytaglist.buttons --[[, { normal = {}, focus ={}, urgent={}, occupied={} }--]])

then add mytaglist[s] in the wibox :


This widget is a clock widget with a calendar. You can show the calendar for the current month with a mouse click on this widget. In the calendar, there is 3 buttons allowing to show previous, current and next month. You can get events from remind and taskwarrior or add handlers for other task/calendar software.

calendar = blingbling.calendar()

It is a wibox that can be displayed for a short amount of time. ( TODO : usage example)

wlourf circle graph

This is the circle graph of wlourf that you can feed with vicious.

circle = blingbling.wlourf_circle_graph({radius= 5, height = 18, width = 36, show_text = true, label = "cpu", h_margin = 2, v_margin = 0 --[[, font = {family = "Times New Roman", slang = "italic", weight = "bold"}]]})
circle:set_graph_colors({{"#88aa00ff",0}, --all value > 0 will be displayed using this color
                       {"#d4aa00ff", 0.5},
--set the value directly
--or use vicious
vicious.register(circle, vicious.widgets.cpu,'$1',2)
Global theming for blingbling.

You can provide default theme for blingbling instead of configuring colors for each widgets. You just need to create a blingbling table in your theme.lua file and override values that can be find in superproperties.lua:

theme.blingbling = {
  htop_title_color = "#ff0000",
  htop_user_color = "#00ff00"

Values that can be modified are:

Theme values for graphs or value_text_box objects:

  • h_margin
  • v_margin
  • background_border
  • background_color
  • graph_background_color
  • graph_background_border
  • rounded_size
  • graph_color
  • graph_line_color
  • text_color
  • value_format
  • font_size
  • background_text_color

Theme values for popups module:

  • htop_title_color
  • htop_user_color
  • htop_root_color
  • netstat_title_color
  • nestat_established_color
  • netstat_listen_color

Theme value for taskwarrior:

  • menu_width

Theme values for system (icons):

  • shutdown
  • reboot
  • lock
  • logout

Theme values for tagslist:

  • tagslist.normal
  • tagslist.focus
  • tagslist.urgent
  • tagslist.occupied

Theme values for calendar:

  • calendar.prev_next_widget_style
  • calendar.current_date_widget_style
  • calendar.days_of_week_widget_style
  • calendar.days_of_month_widget_style
  • calendar.weeks_number_widget_style
  • calendar.corner_widget_style
  • calendar.current_day_widget_style
  • calendar.focus_widget_style
  • calendar.info_cell_style

Version: v1.0

Blingbling v1.0 works for awesome 3.4.10 and 3.4.11.

  • Value text box
  • Classical graph
  • Tiled graph
  • Progress graph
  • Progress bar
  • Volume graph
  • Mpd widget
  • Net widget
  • Top popup
  • Netstat popup
  • System shutdown/Reboot button
  • Udisks-glue widget menu
  • Menu widget
  • Task warrior widget
  • Table widget layout
  • Calendar


Blingbling require oocairo. The address of the website of the project is :

Check your package manager to see if you can install an already packaged version of oocairo for your system.


($XDG_CONFIG_HOME usually ~/.config)

cd $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/awesome/
git clone git://
cd blingbling
git checkout v1.0


cedlemo contact: cedlemo at gmx dot com




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