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A CLI tool for checking your Presto card balance.

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I wrote about this tool on my blog:


yarn global add presto-card-cli

Requires NodeJS 8+.


The tool requires the user to set up credentials before accessing the balance.

# Set credentials
presto-card set-credentials
 ? Enter a Presto account username: <username>
 ? Enter the password for this Presto account: <password>

# Print balance for a given user, username is a required argument
presto-card balance <username>

How does it work?

Password management

This tool uses node-keytar to store credentials. On macOS the passwords are managed by the Keychain, on Linux they are managed by the Secret Service API/libsecret, and on Windows they are managed by Credential Vault.

Get the balance

This tool uses presto-card-js as a back end.

Common issues

SyntaxError: Unexpected token error

This may happen when using an old version of NodeJS. This tool requires NodeJS 8+.

Error: Module version mismatch. Expected 48, got 59. or equivalent

This may happen if presto-card-cli has been installed with a different version of NodeJS than the current one. Re-installing may help.


Q: I have only one card and it's kind of boring to type my username again and again when I want to check my balance. Can't we set up a default account?

Not at this time. But we can create an alias in the meantime. For example: alias pb='presto-card balance supercat'

Q: What if I don't have a Presto account? Can I use this tool with a Presto card number?

Not at this time.


GNU Affero General Public License v3.0