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World Cup 2018 CLI Dashboard Build Status

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Run it in docker 🐳

Pull it from Docker Hub:

docker pull cedricbl/world-cup-2018-cli-dashboard && \
docker run -ti -e TZ=America/Toronto cedricbl/world-cup-2018-cli-dashboard

Replace America/Toronto with your actual timezone. This image is for amd64 arch only.

Or build it:

Want to build this image from a Dockerfile instead? Or do you want to run this dashboard on a non-amd64 arch, let's say arm? On a Raspberry Pi?

docker build -t world-cup-2018-cli-dashboard && \
docker run -ti -e TZ=America/Toronto world-cup-2018-cli-dashboard

Install using npm or yarn


npm install -g world-cup-cli-dashboard


yarn global add world-cup-cli-dashboard

Requires NodeJS 6+.


  • Use ⬅️ and ➡️ keys to navigate through different different matches.
  • Set POST_NOTIFICATIONS to 1 to enable native notifications when receiving new match events such as goals, cards or substitutions (won't work in Docker).

How does it work?

Data is sourced from the awesome Matches get updated each 30 seconds. Groups get updated each 2 minutes.

Terminal interface built with react-blessed.


Q: Data is not showing up?

If an API call fail, we log a debug message. Press F12 to see the debug console, some helpful messages may show up (a 503 or a 429 HTTP code for instance).


git clone
cd world-cup-2018-cli-dashboard
yarn install
USE_FIXTURES=1 yarn start

Set USE_FIXTURES to 0 to use the actual API in dev.

Contributions are very welcome.