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💂‍♂️Yeoman generator for scaffolding a side project static site (sipss).
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Yeoman generator for scaffolding a SIde-Project Static Site (sipss).


First you need to install yeoman.

npm install -g yo

Then install the sipss generator.

npm install -g generator-sipss


Generate your project's site and follow the prompts.

$ yo sipss

Once finished, you're all set! 🎉

sipss scaffolds a static site for an existing project, one usually hosted on GitHub. It will create a /docs folder containing the site files and resources which then enables you to host your project's newly-created site by enabling GitHub pages from the /docs folder in the master branch.

For more information on how to setup GitHub pages using this method, refer to GitHub's documentation.


The idea for sipss came from the need to simplify creating static sites for my side projects. As you can see from this Twitter thread, I found that each project's site was 95% the same as the others - all I was changing was the basics like the name of the project, its description, features, etc. So, I decided to make my life a little easier and create this Yeoman generator to scaffold the site for me.

Note: this generator has a very specific use-case and probably will not suit your needs. That is, unless you want to make a site similar to or But that's none of my business 🐸🍵


MIT License

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