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Admingenerator for Symfony2, parse generator.yml files to build classes
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Symfony2 Admin Generator

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The Real Missing Admin Generator for Symfony2!

This package is a Symfony2 Admin Generator based on YAML configuration and Twig templating. It's inspired by fzaninotto/Doctrine2ActiveRecord.

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  • Generate Views and Controllers for Models with one command
  • Configure all options in one (per model) YAML file
  • Includes standard actions: create/edit, show, delete, list/nestedset tree list
  • Flexible and extendable: you can easily add or overwrite almost everything!
  • Supports most popular model managers: Doctrine ORM, Doctrine ODM and Propel
  • Introduces nested forms: create/edit object and all it's associated objects in one form!
  • Manage relations one to one, one to many, many to one and many to many
  • Fully translatable: all field elements (labels, placeholders, helpers), all widgets, actions, error messages and titles
  • List features: sortable, paginated, filters, batch actions, scopes
  • Nestedset tree list features: drag&drop to manage your tree
  • New/Edit featues: fieldsets, tabbable, cool widgets for collection, file upload, date and entity fields
  • Translated into DE, EN (default), ES, FA, FR, IT, JA, PL, PT, RU, SL, TR, UK (you can easily contribute to add your own)
  • Credentials for actions, columns and form fields
  • Complete admin design based on twitter bootstrap (see next section)
  • ... and more!

This bundle in pictures

Preview of list

Preview of edit

Preview of dashboard

Important note

Documentation is currently being rewritten. Old documentation can be found in:

Sorry for inconvenience, we will fix that as soon as possible!


All the installation instructions are located in documentation.


The documentation for this bundle is located in Resources/doc directory. Start by reading Table of contents.


If you're haveing trouble or you found an error feel free to open a github ticket, but first please read submitting issues.

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