@cedricpinson cedricpinson released this Aug 26, 2016 · 152 commits to master since this release

  • Fixes the method used to detect stateset changed
  • Checks that console table exists
  • Fixes cache update when setting new stateset
  • Improves log print matrix
  • Adds element index uint support
  • Adds optional url option to use glsl optimizer
  • Fixes text traversal
  • Improves performance sample
  • Adds accessors to get canvas informations
  • Fixes getEyePosition method in CADManipulator
  • Fixes error in color encode
  • Fixes warning set update callback
  • Small performance improvement
  • Needs Matrix identity by default in getWorldMatrix
  • Adds udpate callback counter to avoid traversing
  • Uses HMD VR promises
  • Fixes typo in text class
  • Safe performance fixes
  • Updates download link in website
  • Makes sure the viewport contains integer values