An online html5 mahjong game, build with opa.
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This is an online Chinese traditional Mahjong game in HTML5. I simplify the rule and tiles to make it easy for new players to begin.

Mahjong is the most popular game played in China and some asian area, Mahjong is a game of skill, strategy and calculation and involves a certain degree of chance.

There are many variants of Mahjong with different rules. To make it easy, this game use the most simple one. Any one who never touched Mahjong would learn to play it in one minutes. Besides, I redesigned some tiles to make it easy to recognize for people who don't know Chinese characters in Mahjong tiles.

I have published this game on chrome web store, you can search "Mahjong Mania" to find it, or you can visit to have a quick try.

##Build & Run## The game is built with Opa, which is an enterprise framework for javascript. The source works fine with Opa 0.9.0 ~ 0.9.4.

$ make clean
$ make all
$ make run

launch a browser to visit: http://localhost:8080

##Contact:## All bug reports, feedback, comments, contributions or remarks are welcome, please email to: