Trying to use CDI Event Bus like Guava's EventBus, but not working
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CDI Event Bus Problem

Trying to use CDI Event Bus like Guava’s EventBus:

	@Inject Event<Object> eventBus;
	@Schedule(second="*/3", minute="*", hour="*", dayOfWeek="*", persistent=false)
	public void sendSomething() {"Send something!"); Booking(5.0)); Notify(new Date()));

Problem is, the event handler is never called:

	public void logBooking(@Observes Booking booking) {"Got booking " + booking);

Because the EventBus implementation is Event<Object>, and Object as declared is
not assignable to Booking.

However, the object passed to fire() is a Booking, so the observer is actually able able
to handle it.

So it’s impossible to this:

@Inject Event<Document> eventBus;

and expect this to work: SpreadsheetDocument());

There’s no way to specialize the event? (other than explicitly typing the event, hence limiting
ability to fire events dynamically.)