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Apache Shiro Security integration example with Pax Wicket

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Pax Wicket integration with Apache Shiro Security Sample

Inspired by Bram Pouwelse’s

Building & Running

1. Install Pax Wicket in Karaf:

features:addurl mvn:org.ops4j.pax.wicket/features/1.1.1/xml/features features:install -v wicket-spring

2. Install Shiro in Karaf

features:addurl mvn:org.apache.shiro/shiro-features/1.2.1/xml/features features:install -v shiro-web shiro-spring

3. Install wicketstuff-shiro in Karaf

install wrap:mvn:org.wicketstuff/wicketstuff-shiro/1.5.8

4. Build the project using mvn install or by importing to Eclipse
5. Deploy the bundle to Karaf
6. Test by visiting: http://localhost:8181/pwshiro/


1. bush : president
2. ban ki-moon : nato
3. balkenende : h.potter

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