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-Thanks to Ask Solem <> for the carrot library
+Thanks to the python-couchdb team for writing a python couchdb driver and
+inspired the development of Flatty with their couchdb mapper which has a
+different approach (
Thanks to Wingware <> for supportung us with their IDE
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+flatty.couch - the couchdb adapter
This module helps you to build schemas for couchdb (it uses the couchdb-python
module for storing the flattened dicts as couchdb documents)
@@ -29,11 +29,24 @@ Commit and Tag
in the shell::
+ #clean stuff
cd doc
make clean
python clean
+ # tag, commit and push to github
git commit -a
+ git push
git tag -a vX.X.X
- git push --tags
+ git push --tags
+ # upload to pypi
+ python sdist upload
+ # make doc and upload
+ cd doc
+ make html
+ python upload_sphinx
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+flatty - the core
@@ -14,11 +14,39 @@ the data (no meta-data is stored).
**Key Features:**
- easy to use
+ - couchdb adapter to use flatty schemas with couchdb
- only plain data is marshaled, no class meta-data
- extensible, add custom converters for your own needs and types
- can be easily extended to support unique features of a marshal framework
- light-weight (flatty has currently less than 200 lines of code)
- OpenSource BSD-licensed
+**Full documentation can be found on** `PyPi Flatty Documentation`_
+.. _`PyPi Flatty Documentation`:
+Idea behind Flatty
+The goal of Flatty is to provide a class-to-dict marshaller which stays in the
+background on top of other low-level marshallers. They might only support python
+dicts and some base types.
+With Flatty you can build a complete class schema and
+marshall/unmarshall (flatten/unflatten) high-level class objects to the low-level
+marshaller which provides the persistence layer.
+A good example where Flatty already provides an
+adapter is couchdb. We tried to keep the schema definition as much as possible
+"standard python" and gather the needed information through inspection to keep
+things easy.
+Flatty reduces everything to a simple dict, without storing metainformation in
+the marshalled data. The marshalling process Flatty uses is simple:
+It treats classes as dicts and their attributes as key-value pairs in the dict.
+Lists are stored as lists. That's it.
Getting started with Flatty
@@ -104,8 +132,8 @@ Getting started with Flatty
The restored_obj is a new object filled with the data of flatted
-Bug Tracker:
+Bug Tracker
If you find any issues please report them on

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