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Android Video Recorder

A simple library using ffmpeg, libx264, and libfaac to record videos on Android.
Tested with Android NDK r6b.
Targeted to armv7-a with vfpv3-d16.

How To Build

1. Make directories faac, x264, and ffmpeg, and place the sources for them into the respective directories.
2. Run /path/to/android/ndk/build/tools/ --install-dir=./toolchain
3. Edit and change NDK at the top to point to your NDK directory.
4. Run the following commands:
	./ config faac
	./ compile faac
	./ config x264
	./ compile x264
	./ config ffmpeg
	./ compile ffmpeg
	./ compile recorder
5. You should now have a static library libVideoRecorder.a.

How To Use

Link libVideoRecorder.a into your Android JNI as a prebuilt static library.
Use the interface given in VideoRecorder.h in your JNI C++ code.


Use at your own risk, the author is not responsible for anything.