Drop-down list (<select>) not showing properly in WPF #162

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ta-stott-oe commented Aug 30, 2013

For me, drop-down lists ( elements) do not "drop-down" in the CefSharp.Wpf.Example application. Tantalisingly, they do work in a new window (e.g. if you create one from the "Test Popups" page). Apart from that, CefSharp is great, thank you!

ChadyG commented Aug 30, 2013

It seems that the drop downs work, but are not rendered. As in, you can click on the area the selection would be and that element is selected.

Yes, this is the case. It's like the z-index of the rendering is not at the surface. Also, keyboard navigation works ok (i.e. pressing up/down keys on the html select). Disabling caret-browsing does not change anything.

With the winforms component, the drop-downs are not a problem.

ChadyG commented Sep 16, 2013

I've actually found a fix for this. If I can find some time I'll get a pull request together.

Chady this is great!

Let me ask you, I am only familiar with the "Release" dlls only. What is the way to get hold of the latest dll?

Thanks again, you rock

ChadyG commented Sep 16, 2013

I'm not sure honestly, I've gotten the examples to run in debug using the libcef dlls from Release but it tends to crash on some pages. So I usually end up just running this in Release, and haven't bothered bringing in any Debug dlls into other applications.

It's ok, no worries. I grabbed the compiled dlls from the release folder and referenced them from my other app. Works fine!


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ta-stott-oe commented Sep 17, 2013

Thanks very much Chady!

perlun added a commit that referenced this issue Oct 2, 2013


perlun commented Oct 2, 2013

Gha, wrong issue. Never mind that latest comment; it was a cleanup of #166 actually. :)

Is it possible that there still exists a case where the drop down appears away of the expected place? I get such a behaviour even with the WPF demo of v1.25.5. To reproduce, go to http://signup.live.com and play with the Day and Year dropdowns. After a while you'll see that the mouse cursor is not in sync with the dropdown value.

If it helps at all, I see that when clicking at a dropdown box, momentarily I see the values of the previously clicked dropdown. Then for a moment I see blank and then the new values.

On windows7 x64

Can someone please confirm?




peters commented Nov 26, 2013

Dropdown lists does not work in latest 3.29.0 either (wpf). The select box is rendered properly but when you click/tap
nothing happens (all <option> nodes are hidden)


perlun commented Nov 27, 2013

@peters - that's a known defect actually, #200. I've started looking into it but I just haven't had time to come through with it.

Ok, I also think it's a different issue

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