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Minimal Resharper inspired cleanup of TabulationDemoForm class
Properties Update AssemblyInfo.cs in both examples to include correct version an…
Resources port winforms example to use presenter
AboutBox.Designer.cs port winforms example to use presenter
AboutBox.cs Add license disclaimer to rest of solution files (hopefully got them …
AboutBox.resx #210. Cleanups in the spirit of ReSharper. The AboutBox class could n…
BrowserForm.Designer.cs Add Alt->F shortcut key to WinForms example
BrowserForm.cs fix #553 by handling Initial resize and OnSizeChanged
BrowserForm.resx First run at implementing TabControl
BrowserTabUserControl.Designer.cs Browser now docks properly on startup
BrowserTabUserControl.cs Add example LoadError handler to WinForms example
BrowserTabUserControl.resx Re-add find to BrowserTabUserControl
CefSharp.WinForms.Example.csproj Upgrade to 3.2171.2069
FocusHandler.cs Add extra line break
GeolocationHandler.cs Fixes suggested by @jankurianski
MenuHandler.cs Added support for context menu parameters. All supports new spell che…
Program.cs Further cleanups based on comments.
app.config Upgrade example projects to .Net 4.5 (as discussed in #381)
app.manifest Tooltips not displaying in WinForms control (#789) - Added entry to a…
packages.config Upgrade to 3.2171.2069
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