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How to Contribute

This has a KSS node base, so learn a bit about how KSS node works.

To make local changes to components, do the following:

  • Fork the project
  • Navigate to the project root (a11y_style_guide)
  • nvm install stable (only need to do once - see the NVM project for troubleshooting)
  • nvm use stable
  • npm install (only need to do once)
  • git checkout -b my-new-feature (create your feature branch)
  • Make changes
  • npm run gulp (this will run all the gulp commands)
  • git commit -A (adds all changes)
  • git commit -m "Add some feature" (commit your changes)
  • git push origin my-new-feature (push to the branch)
  • Create new Pull Request

This will run all the gulp commands including the style guide update. If you want to contribute back, please do so! This is a great Git resource if you need to brush-up on your skills (all levels)

Tips and Tricks

  • Make all of your changes in the src folder or your changes will be overwritten on the next gulp command.
  • If you add a JS file, you must add the script to the bottom of the index.twig file in the style-guide folder, otherwise the script will not be added to the page.
  • Once you are done making changes to the patterns, you can easily update the doc folders by these commands (or let a repo manager do it):
    npm run gulp clean:docs - Removes old code from /docs except index and jeckyll settings
    npm run gulp move:docs - Move items from /dist to /docs.