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image/*; view_attachment %s -a
image/*; (anytopnm %s | pnmscale -xysize 80 46 | ppmtopgm | pgmtopbm | pbmtoascii -1x2 ) 2>&1 ; copiousoutput
video/*; view_attachment %s -a
text/enriched; view_attachment %s -a
text/html; view_attachment %s -a "Google"
text/html; elinks -default-mime-type text/html %s; needsterminal; copiousoutput;
application/x-gunzip; gzcat; copiousoutput
application/x-tar-gz; gunzip -c %s | tar -tf -t ; copiousoutput
application/postscript; open -f -a
application/pdf; view_attachment %s -a
image/pdf; view_attachment %s -a
# multipart/alternative; cat; copiousoutput
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