JUG Management is an application conceived to manage online user groups of any kind and domain.
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Yougi is an application conceived to manage online user groups of any kind and domain. This is licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL v2). Please, read the license, available on the file LICENSE.txt, before you use or change this application.


       Project Leader: Hildeberto Mendonca
        Personal Blog: http://www.hildeberto.com
            Member of: CEJUG (Ceara Java User Group) http://www.cejug.org
        Email Address: me at hildeberto.com

      Project Website: http://www.yougi.org
 Existing Deployments: http://www.cejug.org/
              Twitter: https://twitter.com/youginet (Follow @youginet)

Technologies In Use

JDK 7: We are using the latest Java language features available, thus the Java Development Kit version 7 or superior is required.

Wildfly 8.0.0 : We deploy Yougi on Wildfly because it supports the latest JavaEE features.

JPA 2.0: Java Persistence API implements the persistence layer.

Hibernate: Implementation built-in on Wildfly

EJB 3.1: Enterprise JavaBeans implements the business and service layer.

JSF 2.1: JavaServer Faces

Bootstrap: Bootstrap is a rich visual css/js components library.

iText 5.1: Library to generate PDF files.

JUnit 4.11: Unit test framework.

Arquillian 1.1.4.Final: Integration test framework.

Copyright (C) 2011-2013, Hildeberto Mendonca