Wolfram Language importer for OBJ (.obj) files with textures.
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OBJImporter is a Wolfram Language Import extension for OBJ (.obj) files that preserves texture and color information. Import has the ability to import OBJ files but it discards color information and textures:

Yoshi with colors and textures

OBJImporter adds a new file format setting to Import called RawOBJ which keeps the color and texture information:

Yoshi with colors and textures

Installing OBJImporter

OBJImporter is distributed in the form of a paclet. Download the latest version of the paclet from the releases page and install it using the the PacletManager package (which you already have because it comes with Mathematica):



OBJImporter supports a subset of the OBJ file format. As a consequence, some models may not look exactly the way they do in other 3D programs. OBJImporter's use is that it keeps information about the color of the surfaces and their textures, which is enough for many models.