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@goldmann goldmann released this Apr 17, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release


CEKit 3.0 is a new major release. It introduces numerous fixes and changes to the code base.

There are three major changes compared to 2.x releases:

  1. CLI was rewritten:
  2. Module merging was rewritten:
  3. Documentation was rewritten:

Additionally - CEKit is available from Fedora 29+ and EPEL 7 repositories directly.


  • Squashing was added to local Docker builds. Docker images are squashed automatically. If you do not want this you can use the --no-squash switch for the Docker builder engine.
  • It is possible to specify the Docker client timeout value (in seconds) via DOCKER_TIMEOUT environment variable, #352
  • Documentation RPM packages are not installed by default to save space, #321
  • Support for Podman builder was added, #363
  • Support for using include_unpublished_pulp_repos flag in the compose section of the container.yaml file, #438
  • CEKit now supports sha512 as the hash algorithm for artifacts, #471



  • Handling loading file descriptors (both, module and image descriptors) was improved, #320
  • When OSBS builds fail, CEKit execution is interrupted now too, #113
  • Better handling of Docker daemon incorrect setup, #399
  • If there are no modules, CEKit does not fail anymore, #406


  • The --overrides parameter no longer accepts a path to an overrides file, use --overrides-file instead.
  • Support for old style repositories was removed, #386
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