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@goldmann goldmann released this Jun 3, 2019 · 10 commits to develop since this release


This is a new minor release that includes bugfixes and adds support for supplementary files in the OSBS builder. This release contains some internal changes to make interaction with external services and the build workflow better.


  • Image help files are added when used with OSBS builder, #504
  • Tagging images in Docker builder with multiple colons is now fixed, #508
  • Dots in artifact names are now handled correctly in generated fetch-artifacts-url.yaml files, #531
  • When the Kerberos session is expired, it fails now the build in OSBS, #158 502


  • Support for adding supplementary files in the OSBS builder was implemented. You can read more about this feature in documentation. #394


  • ODCS composes are now requester after fetching artifacts, #410
  • Instead of using CLI tool, we now use Python library to talk to ODCS, #496
  • Docker output handling was rewritten to use library-provided decoding. This made it possible to run CEKit on macOS, #517
  • RPM cache is not populated before executing any package manager calls, #501
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