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@goldmann goldmann released this Nov 6, 2019 · 1 commit to develop since this release


  • Support for Alpine Linux, #609


  • Content sets can now be be properly overridden. CEKit is able to handle both, content_sets defined in the descriptor as well as content_sets_file pointing to an external file. See documentation:, #628
  • A bug was fixed which prevented correct merging of the osbssection in case where the --redhat switch was specified as well, #631


  • The Git resource ref key can handle commit hashes or tags as well. Previously only branches were supported. #618
  • You will see less warning related to missing module version. It will be shown only when there are multiple modules and a default version is guessed by CEKit, #617
  • In OSBS builder, from now on the fetch-artifacts-url.yaml is always removed before sync. Leaving it could cause fetching artifacts from an unexpected location in case it was not generated by a specific CEKit run, #629
  • When cloning git repositories with modules -- these are now stored in predicable directory structure, #621
  • The --koji-target OSBS switch was removed. You can still define the target in the image descriptor:, #601


  • Module script execution was changed from bash to sh. In most cases this change will be invisible for users because the sh is a symlink to bash in most modern Linux distributions (including Fedora). From now on in the generated Dockerfile instead of:

    RUN [ "bash", "-x", "/tmp/scripts/..."]

    you will see:

    RUN [ "sh", "-x", "/tmp/scripts/..."]
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