Final project in the second term of Udacity's VR Developer Nanodegree program
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Udacity VR Course Project - Night at the Museum


This project is part of Udacity's VR Developer Nanodegree Program and concludes the second term which focused on VR design, platforms, applications and industries.

The objective was to research VR companies, applications, and industries that could be impacted by VR. The findings are showcased with information booths placed inside a virtual museum space. A more detailed description of the project and design process is available at

I used Unity 3D to build this experience for Android with Google Cardboard. This involved the following tasks:

  1. Setup and customization of museum building based on a 3rd-party prefab (listed below).

  2. Creating information booths consisting of text/image and video panels and a button.

  3. Script that allows to move from one panel to another, updating the button text depending on the type of the next panel.

  4. Script to play a specified YouTube video with a pause/resume function as the user moves from one panel to another.

  5. Creating category banners to help guiding the user through the museum.

  6. Creating a welcome screen with short introduction.

  7. Adding ambient museum sound.

  8. Adding click sounds for additional feedback.

I tested this project successfully on a Google Pixel 2XL with Android 8.1.0.

Versions and Third Party Assets

References to Images and Videos