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To run this example:

First install all the depedencies

  npm install .

Next start the example:

  node app.js

Now visit http://localhost:3000/ in your browser

Next steps - Things to try doing with the example:

  1. Visit the documentation page and run all the examples

  2. Open the JavaScript console in your browser and use the API

   UserService.create({ name: "user", email:"", password:"foofoo"},function(err,result){ console.log(err,result}; });
  1. Generate the shell script stub
  # This will generate a shell script which uses 'curl' to call our API
  ../../bin/hopjs-gen --url http://localhost:3000/ shell --output
  chmod 755 ./

  # Now let's use the command line to create a user
  ./ UserService.create --APIURL http://localhost:3000/ --email --password foofoo --name user

  # Now we'll generate the unit test for this stub
  ../../bin/hopjs-gen --url http://localhost:3000/ shell --unitTest --output 
  chmod 755 ./

  ./ http://localhost:3000/ ./


Run app.js with node-dev instead of node, it will automatically restart the server when you make changes to the code

sudo npm install -g node-dev

node-dev app.js