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lua_api.txt: Document paths, games and common mod loading

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@@ -27,6 +27,36 @@ Startup
Mods are loaded during server startup from the mod load paths by running
the init.lua scripts in a shared environment.
+RUN_IN_PLACE=1: (Windows release, local build)
+ $path_user: Linux: <build directory>
+ Windows: <build directory>
+ $path_share: Linux: <build directory>
+ Windows: <build directory>
+RUN_IN_PLACE=0: (Linux release)
+ $path_share: Linux: /usr/share/minetest
+ Windows: <install directory>/minetest-0.4.x
+ $path_user: Linux: ~/.minetest
+ Windows: C:/users/<user>/AppData/minetest (maybe)
+Games are looked up from:
+ $path_share/games/gameid/
+ $path_user/games/gameid/
+where gameid is unique to each game.
+The game directory contains the file game.conf, which contains these fields:
+ name = <Human-readable full name of the game>
+ common_mods = <Comma-separated list of common mods>
+ name = Minetest
+ common_mods = bucket, default, doors, fire, stairs
+Common mods are loaded from the pseudo-game "common".
Mod load path
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