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Commits on Nov 1, 2015
  1. Include backtrace in error message when LuaErrors occur

    Tested in both Lua and LuaJIT by passing (NaN,NaN,NaN) to ObjectRef::setvelocity().
Commits on Oct 31, 2015
  1. @ShadowNinja

    Fix server crashing on Lua errors

    ShadowNinja committed
    Previously, the server called FATAL_ERROR when a Lua error occured.
    This caused a (mostly useless) core dump.
    The server now simply throws an exception, which is caught and printed before
    exiting with a non-zero return value.
    This also fixes a number of instances where errors were logged multiple times.
  2. @ShadowNinja

    Fix clang warning

    ShadowNinja committed
  3. @kwolekr

    Fix C++11 compatibility

    kwolekr committed
  4. @Rui914 @est31

    minetest. to core.

    Rui914 committed with est31
Commits on Oct 29, 2015
  1. @duane-r @sfan5

    WoW-style Autorun

    duane-r committed with sfan5
    This allows the player to toggle continuous forward with a key (F by default),
    so we don't have to hold down the forward key endlessly.
  2. @paramat

    findSpawnPos: Add setting for max height above water level

    paramat committed
    Increase default from 6 to 16 to help with mgv7 and mgfractal
    Large-scale or alternative mapgens can result in a lowland spawn point not
    being found, causing a spawn at (0, 0, 0) possibly buried underground
    The max height is now settable to allow correct player spawn
    in any mapgen or when using custom noise parameters
  3. @paramat
Commits on Oct 28, 2015
  1. @kwolekr
  2. @kwolekr

    Add DISABLE_CLASS_COPY macro (and use it)

    kwolekr committed
    Use this macro to disallow copying of an object using the assignment
    operator or copy constructor.  This catches otherwise silent-but-deadly
    mistakes such as "ServerMap map = env->getMap();" at compile time.
    If so desired, it is still possible to copy a class, but it now requires
    an explicit call to memcpy or std::copy.
Commits on Oct 27, 2015
  1. @est31

    Environment: Time of day fixes and add serverside getter

    est31 committed
    -> Put access to time variables under the time lock.
    -> Merge both time locks, there is no point to have two locks.
    -> Fix the lock being released too early in Environment::setTimeOfDay
    -> Add serverside getter so that you don't have to get
    	the environment if you only have the server
  2. @PilzAdam

    Fix missing #include

    PilzAdam committed
  3. @kwolekr
Commits on Oct 26, 2015
  1. @BlockMen
  2. @BlockMen

    Fix typo

    BlockMen committed
  3. @kwolekr

    SAPI: Fix seed parameter truncation for LuaPseudoRandom constructor

    kwolekr committed
    Also fix a potential seed truncation issue on platforms where the
    range of ptrdiff_t (the underlying type of lua_Integer) is too small.
  4. @kwolekr
  5. @est31

    Remove some abort() calls

    est31 committed
    abort() doesn't benefit from the high level abstractions from FATAL_ERROR.
  6. @kwolekr
  7. @kwolekr
Commits on Oct 25, 2015
  1. @est31

    Correct comment in l_util.cpp

    est31 committed
    Remove outdated loglevel list from a l_util.cpp comment,
    and rather point to the updated code.
  2. @PilzAdam
  3. @BlockMen
  4. @Rui914 @est31

    Credits: Remove my name

    Rui914 committed with est31
  5. @BlockMen

    Add option to disable backface culling for models

    BlockMen committed
    - Disabled by default (except players)
    - Fixes #2984
  6. @PilzAdam
Commits on Oct 24, 2015
  1. @est31

    Fix out of bounds vector write in Logger::addOutput(ILogOutput *out)

    est31 committed
    Previously, the invocation of Logger::addOutput(ILogOutput *out) led to
    an out of bounds write of the m_outputs vector, resulting in the
    m_silenced_levels array being modified.
    Fortunately, the only caller of that method was android system logging,
    and only since a few commits ago.
  2. @PilzAdam

    Fix setting comments

    PilzAdam committed
  3. @PilzAdam
  4. @paramat

    Mgfractal: Independent iterations and scale parameters

    paramat committed
    Complete set of parameters for each of mandelbrot and julia sets
    The julia set structure often needs different iterations and scale
  5. @est31

    Android: statically load iconv library

    est31 committed
    Fixes #3291
    Thanks to @arpruss for reporting the bug, and suggesting the fix.
    Also, remove trailing whitespaces.
  6. @est31


    est31 committed
  7. @est31

    Better gettext support for protocol version mismatch messages

    est31 committed
    Previously, xgettext failed to resolve the dynamic call.
    Thanks to @JakubVanek for pointing this out.
  8. @est31

    Small logging refactor and additional options

    est31 committed
    -> Get rid of Logger::logToSystem and use normal downstream output system for android instead
    -> Give the downstream output system more information: enrich the log function of ILogOutput
    	with information and add ICombinedLogOutput for easier use.
    -> Make Logger::getLevelLabel() static and public so that it can be used by downstream log output.
    -> Add g_ and m_ prefixes where required
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