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Installation of multiprocessing
Versions earlier than Python 2.4 are not supported. If you are using
Python 2.4 then you must install the `ctypes` package (which comes
automatically with Python 2.5). Users of Python 2.4 on Windows
also need to install the `pywin32` package.
On Unix It's highly recommended to use Python 2.5.3 (not yet released) or
apply the ``fork-thread-patch-2`` patch from `Issue 1683`_.
Windows binary builds for Python 2.4 and Python 2.5 are available at
Python 2.6 and newer versions already come with multiprocessing. Although
the stand alone variant of the multiprocessing package is kept compatible
with 2.6, you mustn't install it with Python 2.6.
Otherwise, if you have the correct C compiler setup then the source
distribution can be installed the usual way::
python install
It should not be necessary to do any editing of `` if you are
using Windows, macOS or Linux. On other unices it may be necessary
to modify the values of the `macros` dictionary or `libraries` list.
The section to modify reads ::
macros = dict(
libraries = ['rt']
More details can be found in the comments in ``.
Note that if you use `HAVE_SEM_OPEN=0` then support for posix
semaphores will not been compiled in, and then many of the functions
in the `processing` namespace like `Lock()`, `Queue()` or will not be
available. However, one can still create a manager using `manager =
processing.Manager()` and then do `lock = manager.Lock()` etc.
Running tests
To run the test scripts using Python 2.5 do ::
python -m multiprocessing.tests
and on Python 2.4 do ::
python -c "from multiprocessing.tests import main; main()"
The sources also come with a Makefile. To run the unit tests with the
Makefile using Python 2.5 do ::
make test
using another version of Python do ::
make test PYTHON=python2.4
This will run a number of test scripts using both processes and threads.
Running examples
The make target `examples` runs several example scripts.
Building docs
To build the standalone documentation you need Sphinx 0.5 and setuptools
0.6c9 or newer. Both are available at With
setuptools installed, do ::
sudo easy_install-2.5 "Sphinx>=0.5"
make doc
The docs end up in ``build/sphinx/builder_name``.