Latest commit 9c950b4 Jan 23, 2017 @georgepsarakis georgepsarakis committed with thedrow AWS DynamoDB result backend (#3736)
* Add result backend for AWS DynamoDB

* Dependencies for DynamoDB result backend

* Add DynamoDB backend in aliases

* Test cases for DynamoDB result backend

* Documentation for DynamoDB backend

* Configurable endpoint URL for DynamoDB local instance

* Enable integration tests for DynamoDB result backend

- Run before_install script only for integration environments

* Fix invalid type error for primary key in Python3

* Add Python 3.6 in Travis CI build matrix

- Instruct Travis CI to include Python 3.6 interpreter in jobs
- Optimize Travis CI build matrix

* Optimize Travis CI build matrix

* Fix endless loop in logger_isa (Python 3.6)

* Add test cases for AWS client construction

- Add/improve log messages during table initialization
- Enable skipped unit tests due to missing dependency boto3

* Use explicit hash seed value for apicheck tox environment

- Related Sphinx issue: sphinx-doc/sphinx#2324


pip requirements files



Installing requirements

$ pip install -U -r requirements/default.txt

Running the tests

$ pip install -U -r requirements/default.txt
$ pip install -U -r requirements/test.txt