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Celery Wiki

Getting Involved


The Celery core contributors team meets on a semi-regular basis to discuss goals
and the project roadmap. Meetings are advertised on the Celery OpenCollective
project page and agendas are published on this wiki prior to the event. Minutes
are published to this wiki after the meeting concludes.

Projects / Applications using/for Celery.

If you have a project or application using Celery, or if you have something
that extends the functionality of Celery, please add it to this list.

  • AppScale by nlake44 – Implements Google App Engine TaskQueue API.
  • celery-paste by twillis — is a paste loader for Celery.
  • celery-progress by czue – provides drop-in progress bars for your Django/Celery applications
  • django-celery-email by pmclanahan — A Django email backend using Celery.
  • django-celery-model by mback2k — A Django extension which adds support for tracking Celery tasks assigned to Django model instances.
  • django-collector by kmpm — A django application that uses Celery for collecting measurements.
  • django-projector by lukaszb – Project management with repositories support written as Django app.
  • django-queued-storage by seanbrant — Provides a proxy for django file storage, that allows you to upload files locally and eventually serve them remotely.
  • durian by ask — Webhooks for Django.
  • errand-boy — A memory-conscious alternative to os.fork() and subprocess.Popen() when using async workers.
  • GWCelery – A simple and reliable package for annotating and orchestrating LIGO/Virgo gravitational-wave alerts, built from widely used open source components.
  • mixpanel-celery by winhamwr — Asynchronous event tracking for Mixpanel using Celery.
  • opus — a web applications and services management platform which creates a secure platform as a service environment using celery and rabbitMQ as its message bus
  • Odoo Celery — Odoo module which integrates Celery as univeral task queue system to call (API based), control and monitor tasks within Odoo.
  • Pulp — a platform for managing repositories of content, such as software packages, and making it available to a large numbers of consumers.
  • Redash — a great Business Intelligence tool
  • RhodeCode by marcinkuzminski – Mercurial repository browser/management tool
  • STARS — Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System
  • TyphoonAE by Tobias Rodäbel – Alternative serving environment to run Google App Engine Python applications.
  • 365Video by Cobalys – Video Blogging Platform based on Django, Celery and FFMpeg. Released under GPLv3.
  • sea-cucumber – A celery-backed Django email backend that sends emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES).
  • Apache Airflow / Airflow Github – Airflow is a platform to programmatically author, schedule, and monitor workflows.

Companies/websites using Celery

Please add your company/website to this list.


Release cycle
Release Procedure


Rewriting the periodic task service.
Revoking Tasks
Rewriting the AMQP routing options.