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Python AMQP 0.9.1 client library

Build status coverage BSD License Python AMQP can be installed via wheel Supported Python versions. Support Python implementations.

Keywords:amqp, rabbitmq


This is a fork of amqplib which was originally written by Barry Pederson. It is maintained by the Celery project, and used by kombu as a pure python alternative when librabbitmq is not available.

This library should be API compatible with librabbitmq.

Differences from amqplib

  • Supports draining events from multiple channels (Connection.drain_events)

  • Support for timeouts

  • Channels are restored after channel error, instead of having to close the connection.

  • Support for heartbeats

    • Connection.heartbeat_tick(rate=2) must called at regular intervals (half of the heartbeat value if rate is 2).
    • Or some other scheme by using Connection.send_heartbeat.
  • Supports RabbitMQ extensions:
    • Consumer Cancel Notifications
      • by default a cancel results in ChannelError being raised
      • but not if a on_cancel callback is passed to basic_consume.
    • Publisher confirms
      • Channel.confirm_select() enables publisher confirms.
      •['basic_ack'].append(my_callback) adds a callback to be called when a message is confirmed. This callback is then called with the signature (delivery_tag, multiple).
    • Exchange-to-exchange bindings: exchange_bind / exchange_unbind.
      • Channel.confirm_select() enables publisher confirms.
      •['basic_ack'].append(my_callback) adds a callback to be called when a message is confirmed. This callback is then called with the signature (delivery_tag, multiple).
    • Authentication Failure Notifications
      Instead of just closing the connection abruptly on invalid credentials, py-amqp will raise an AccessRefused error when connected to rabbitmq-server 3.2.0 or greater.
  • Support for basic_return

  • Uses AMQP 0-9-1 instead of 0-8.
    • Channel.access_request and ticket arguments to methods removed.
    • Supports the arguments argument to basic_consume.
    • internal argument to exchange_declare removed.
    • auto_delete argument to exchange_declare deprecated
    • insist argument to Connection removed.
    • Channel.alerts has been removed.
    • Support for Channel.basic_recover_async.
    • Channel.basic_recover deprecated.
  • Exceptions renamed to have idiomatic names:
    • AMQPException -> AMQPError
    • AMQPConnectionException -> ConnectionError``
    • AMQPChannelException -> ChannelError``
    • Connection.known_hosts removed.
    • Connection no longer supports redirects.
    • exchange argument to queue_bind can now be empty to use the "default exchange".
  • Adds Connection.is_alive that tries to detect whether the connection can still be used.

  • Adds Connection.connection_errors and .channel_errors, a list of recoverable errors.

  • Exposes the underlying socket as Connection.sock.

  • Adds Channel.no_ack_consumers to keep track of consumer tags that set the no_ack flag.

  • Slightly better at error recovery


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