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The model used in the Stilwell Brain episode of Mind Field
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Mind Field S3 E3 - The Stilwell Brain

This repo contains the neural model used in the Stilwell Brain episode of Mind Field.

I'm the scientist in the episode. This repo contains the model we ended up using (there were many versions as the number of participants kept changing). The biggest challenge was making it simple enough that the people-neurons didn't mess it up by being too smart. It's a binary thresholded network with all unity weights.

Here's the trailer for the episode:

Note that this version is super stripped down, fails in all kinds of obvious ways, and is here just so you know what we ended up using. If you want to see something more impressive, check out Spaun (This is version 1.0. Version 2.0 is finished and will be published soon. It has 6.6 million neurons.)

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