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Another stupid Facebook app which will tell you who you truly are.

This is how it looks like

Written in French but feel free to make a pull request to translate it into another language. We all want to know who we are!

Start the program

Install dependencies & create a database

Run pip install -r requirements.txt to install all the dependencies.

Create a new database called app.db located at the root of your project.

ℹ️ The project uses SQLite3 by default. You can change that in

Sensitive data

Fork this project then open Replace the data with your own. Rename it

Add data

Open data/fbapp.yaml and add as many descriptions as you'd like!

Then create the database running this command: flask initdb

⚠️ Re-running this method deletes all data. be careful!

Run the server

Start a server in debug mode:


Start a server in production mode: flask run

Start a Flask shell: flask


This is a work in progress project!

Feel free to contribute making a pull request. I'll be very happy to read it!

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