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Code developed at NHSHackDay2 to count cells for haematological blood film analysis. Cellcounter is deployed at

Running Locally

Clone the repository:

git clone ...

Create a virtual environment:

virtualenv -p python3 .env
source .env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

(if you don't have virtualenv, then sudo pip install virtualenv) (if you don't have pip, then sudo easy_install pip)

Update your database:

python migrate

Run the Django webserver, setting the DEBUG environment variable:

export DEBUG=True
python runserver

To run the test suite locally, you also need the test requirements in your virtualenv:

pip install -r test-requirements.txt

export TEST=True
python test

To install npm from source for JavaScript testing:

curl | tar xvz
cd node-v*
./configure --prefix=$VIRTUAL_ENV
make install

npm ci

export DEBUG=True; export ALLOWED_HOSTS=""
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