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Android Cell Service

What it does

CellActivity collects metadata about mobile data traffic, calls and text messages with respect to the cell towers connected to. The goal is to emulate Call Detail Records(CDR) and Data Detail Records(DDR) as closely as possible, but gathered from a mobile device.

Why use it

Every record you create with your mobile device has a coarse location associated to it. A mobile network provider has knowledge of at least the same amount and quality of information to deduce a movement profile and potentially places you have been to throughout the day. This is an important component of Telecommunications Data Retention.

CellActivity helps visualizing and understanding the accuracy of this information. It will allow researchers to work with CDRs and DDRs and could also be used as a foundation for energy efficient movement-activity tracking.

What it cannot collect

  • Periodic Location Updates as defined by a Mobile Network Operator. I.e. every 6 hours or 30 minutes.

Applications using this library

  • MobileFootprint - an app that visualizes the collected data in aggregated as well as interactive form.


The source code of this project is licensed under GPL v3. Please review License file for more details.

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