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-This gem uses the ffi-rzmq library to provide Celluloid actors that can
-interact with 0MQ sockets.
+Celluloid::ZMQ provides Celluloid actors that can interact with 0MQ sockets.
+Underneath, it's build on the [ffi-rzmq][ffi-rzmq] library.
-It provides different `Celluloid::ZMQ::Socket`s which can be initialized
+It provides different `Celluloid::ZMQ::Socket` classes which can be initialized
then sent `bind` or `connect`. Once bound or connected, the socket can
`read` or `send` depending on whether it's readable or writable.
-Example Usage:
+## Supported Platforms
+Celluloid::IO requires Ruby 1.9 support on all Ruby VMs.
+Supported VMs are Ruby 1.9.3, JRuby 1.6, and Rubinius 2.0.
+To use JRuby in 1.9 mode, you'll need to pass the "--1.9" command line option
+to the JRuby executable, or set the "JRUBY_OPTS=--1.9" environment variable.
+## Usage
require 'celluloid/zmq'

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