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Gem Version MIT licensed Build Status Maintained: no Gitter Chat

Celluloid is a framework for building asynchronous and multithreaded Ruby programs using object-oriented concepts.

Revival Process Underway

Celluloid is in the process of being refactored and released back into the wild during Google Summer of Code. The next era will not have one individual active maintainer, but a team of collaborators. Going forward, previously dormant maintainer Donovan Keme is returning to support future primary maintainer Emese Padányi during GSoC 2020. Her plan extends past the Summer program, and aims to revive the community and codebase of Celluloid together. Backing this process are Harsh Deep and GSoC alumni Dilum Navanjana. We welcome your collaboration and contributions in this massive work.

The codebase is being refactored to pursue a stable release with no deprecation warnings, and with this cleaned up:


Diagram meticulously developed by Emese Padányi

Proudly supported by the best cloud infrastructure provider in the world: DigitalOcean



Please see the Celluloid Wiki for more detailed documentation and usage notes.

The following API documentation is also available:

Related Projects

See also: Projects Using Celluloid

  • Reel: An "evented" web server based on Celluloid::IO
  • DCell: The Celluloid actor protocol distributed over 0MQ
  • ECell: Mesh strategies for Celluloid actors distributed over 0MQ
  • Celluloid::IO: "Evented" IO support for Celluloid actors
  • Celluloid::ZMQ: "Evented" 0MQ support for Celluloid actors
  • Celluloid::DNS: An "evented" DNS server based on Celluloid::IO
  • Celluloid::SMTP: An "evented" SMTP server based on Celluloid::IO
  • nio4r: "New IO for Ruby": high performance IO selectors
  • Timers: A generic Ruby timer library for event-based systems

Contributing to Celluloid

  • Fork this repository on github
  • Make your changes and send us a pull request
  • Pull requests will be reviewed for inclusion in the project


Copyright (c) 2011-2018 Tony Arcieri, Donovan Keme.

Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for further details.