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  • More examples!
  • Cancel all pending tasks when actors crash
  • Log all errors that occur during signaling failures
  • Work around thread-local issues on rbx (see 52325ecd)


  • Celluloid::Task abstraction replaces Celluloid::Fiber
  • Celluloid#tasks API to introspect on running tasks
  • Move Celluloid::IO into its own gem, celluloid-io
  • Finite state machines with Celluloid::FSM
  • Fix bugs in supervisors handling actors that crash during initialize
  • Old syntax Celluloid::Future() { ... } deprecated. Please use the #future method or { ... } to create futures
  • New timer subsystem! Bullet point-by-bullet point details below
  • Celluloid#after registers a callback to fire after a given time interval
  • Celluloid.sleep and Celluloid#sleep let an actor continue processing messages
  • Celluloid.receive and Celluloid#receive now accept an optional timeout
  • Celluloid::Mailbox#receive now accepts an optional timeout


  • List all registered actors with Celluloid::Actor.registered
  • All logging now handled through Celluloid::Logger
  • Rescue DeadActorError in Celluloid::ActorProxy#inspect


  • Celluloid#links obtains Celluloid::Links for a given actor
  • The #class method is now proxied to actors
  • Celluloid::Fiber replaces the Celluloid.fiber and Celluloid.resume_fiber API
  • Use Thread.mailbox instead of Thread.current.mailbox to obtain the mailbox for the current thread


  • Celluloid::Application classes for describing the structure of applications built with Celluloid
  • Methods of actors can now participate in the actor protocol directly via Celluloid#receive
  • Configure custom mailbox types using Celluloid.use_mailbox
  • Define a custom finalizer for an actor by defining MyActor#finalize
  • and Actor.async API for making direct calls to mailboxes
  • Fix bugs in Celluloid::Supervisors which would crash on startup if the actor they're supervising also crashes on startup
  • Add Celluloid.fiber and Celluloid.resume_fiber to allow extension APIs to participate in the Celluloid fiber protocol


  • "include Celluloid::Actor" no longer supported. Use "include Celluloid"
  • New Celluloid::IO module for actors that multiplex IO operations
  • Major overhaul of Celluloid::Actor internals (see 25e22cc1)
  • Actor threads are pooled in Celluloid::Actor::Pool, improving the speed of creating short-lived actors by over 2X
  • Classes that include Celluloid now have a #current_actor instance method
  • Celluloid#async allows actors to make indefinitely blocking calls while still responding to messages
  • Fix a potential thread safety bug in Thread#mailbox
  • Experimental Celluloid::TCPServer for people wanting to write servers in Celluloid. This may wind up in another gem, so use at your own risk!
  • Magically skip ahead a few version numbers to impart the magnitude of this release. It's my versioning scheme and I can do what I wanna.


  • AbortErrors now reraise in caller scope and get a caller-focused backtrace
  • Log failed async calls instead of just letting them fail silently
  • Properly handle arity of synchronous calls
  • Actors can now make async calls to themselves
  • Resolve crashes that occur when sending responses to exited/dead callers


  • Hack around a bug of an indeterminate cause (2baba3d2)
  • COLON!#@!


  • Support for future method calls with MyActor#future
  • Initial signaling support via MyActor#signal and MyActor#wait
  • Just "include Celluloid" works in lieu of "include Celluloid::Actor"
  • Futures terminate implicitly when their values are obtained
  • Add an underscore prefix to all of Celluloid's instance variables so they don't clash with user-defined ones.


  • Fiber-based reentrant actors. Requires Ruby 1.9
  • (where MyActor includes Celluloid::Actor) is now identical to .spawn
  • Terminate actors with MyActor#terminate
  • Obtain current actor with Celluloid.current_actor
  • Configurable logger with Celluloid.logger
  • Synchronization now based on ConditionVariables instead of Celluloid::Waker
  • Determine if you're in actor scope with


  • Remove self-referential dependency in gemspec


  • Initial release
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