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Merge pull request #194 from gf3/changes-spelling-mistake

Fix misspelt method name in changelog
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commit f25bfe2263cbf04f304e5b6a27a4f7da75466868 2 parents fe821b9 + d44b7bb
@tarcieri tarcieri authored
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@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
automatically start support actors and configure at_exit handler which
automatically terminates all actors.
* API change: use_mailbox has been removed
-* API change: finalizers must be declared with "finalize :my_finalizer"
+* API change: finalizers must be declared with "finalizer :my_finalizer"
* Bugfix: receivers don't crash when methods are called incorrectly
* Celluloid::Condition provides ConditionVariable-like signaling
* Shutdown timeout reduced to 10 seconds
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