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import { ec as EC } from 'elliptic'
import Web3 from 'web3'
import { BaseCommand } from '../../base'
import { printValueMap } from '../../utils/cli'
import { ReactNativeBip39MnemonicGenerator } from '../../utils/key_generator'
export default class NewAccount extends BaseCommand {
static description = 'Creates a new account'
static examples = ['new']
static getRandomMnemonic(): string {
return ReactNativeBip39MnemonicGenerator.generateMnemonic()
// Do same as what the mobile wallet app does
static getPrivateKey(mnemonic: string): string {
return ReactNativeBip39MnemonicGenerator.mnemonicToSeedHex(mnemonic)
static getPublicKey(privateKey: string): string {
const ec = new EC('secp256k1')
const ecKeyPair: EC.KeyPair = ec.keyFromPrivate(Buffer.from(privateKey, 'hex'), 'hex')
const ecPublicKey: string = ecKeyPair.getPublic('hex')
return ecPublicKey
static generateAccountAddressFromPrivateKey(privateKey: string): string {
if (!privateKey.startsWith('0x')) {
privateKey = '0x' + privateKey
return new Web3().eth.accounts.privateKeyToAccount(privateKey).address
requireSynced = false
async run() {
// Generate a random mnemonic (uses crypto.randomBytes under the hood), defaults to 128-bits of entropy
const mnemonic: string = NewAccount.getRandomMnemonic()
const privateKey = NewAccount.getPrivateKey(mnemonic)
const publicKey = NewAccount.getPublicKey(privateKey)
const accountAddress = NewAccount.generateAccountAddressFromPrivateKey(privateKey)
'This is not being stored anywhere, so, save the mnemonic somewhere to use this account at a later point\n'
printValueMap({ mnemonic: mnemonic, privateKey, publicKey, accountAddress })
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