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import { flags } from '@oclif/command'
import BigNumber from 'bignumber.js'
import { BaseCommand } from '../../base'
import { displaySendTx } from '../../utils/cli'
import { Flags } from '../../utils/command'
export default class GoldTransfer extends BaseCommand {
static description = 'Transfer gold'
static flags = {
from: Flags.address({ required: true, description: 'Address of the sender' }),
to: Flags.address({ required: true, description: 'Address of the receiver' }),
amountInWei: flags.string({ required: true, description: 'Amount to transfer (in wei)' }),
static examples = [
'transfergold --from 0xa0Af2E71cECc248f4a7fD606F203467B500Dd53B --to 0x5409ed021d9299bf6814279a6a1411a7e866a631 --amountInWei 1',
async run() {
const res = this.parse(GoldTransfer)
const from: string = res.flags.from
const to: string =
const amountInWei = new BigNumber(res.flags.amountInWei)
this.kit.defaultAccount = from
// Units of all balances are in wei, unless specified.
// Check the balance before
const goldToken = await this.kit.contracts.getGoldToken()
// Check the balance before
const balanceFromBeforeInWei = await goldToken.balanceOf(from)
// Perform the transfer
await displaySendTx('gold.Transfer', goldToken.transfer(to, amountInWei.toString()))
// Check the balance after
const balanceFromAfterInWei = await goldToken.balanceOf(from)
// Get gas cost
const differenceInWei = balanceFromBeforeInWei.minus(balanceFromAfterInWei)
const gasCostInWei = differenceInWei.minus(amountInWei)
`Transferred ${amountInWei} from ${from} to ${to}, gas cost: ${gasCostInWei.toString()} wei`
`Balance of sender ${from} went down by ${differenceInWei.toString()} wei, final balance: ${balanceFromAfterInWei} Celo Gold wei`
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