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import { flags } from '@oclif/command'
import { cli } from 'cli-ux'
import { BaseCommand } from '../../base'
export default class List extends BaseCommand {
static description = 'List information about tokens on the exchange (all amounts in wei)'
static flags = {
amount: flags.string({
description: 'Amount of sellToken (in wei) to report rates for',
default: '1000000000000000000',
static args = []
static examples = ['list']
async run() {
const { flags: parsedFlags } = this.parse(List)
cli.action.start('Fetching exchange rates...')
const exchange = await this.kit.contracts.getExchange()
const dollarForGold = await exchange.getBuyTokenAmount(parsedFlags.amount as string, true)
const goldForDollar = await exchange.getBuyTokenAmount(parsedFlags.amount as string, false)
this.log(`${parsedFlags.amount} cGLD => ${dollarForGold.toString()} cUSD`)
this.log(`${parsedFlags.amount} cUSD => ${goldForDollar.toString()} cGLD`)
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