Tools for making animations from Himawari-8 P-Tree data
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Tools for making animations from Himawari-8 P-Tree data.


This is the workflow I’m using for new movies. It’s overkill for most purposes: it downloads roughly 12 gigabytes per second of video. An easier method, with lower but still delightful image quality, is to download from the tiled PNG endpoint as outlined in this gist.

Code here is late alpha quality at best! It will not run out of the box yet. Documentation is barely started and probably wrong!

Background on Himawari-8

Todo: explain at least:

  • general purpose of Himawari-8
  • AHI’s bands
  • The green thing
  • Perspective/projection
  • The modes (full disk, Japan, etc.)
  • Swaths and equinox


To get data you’ll need to sign up at the P-Tree Secretariat. They are kind and hardworking people; don’t abuse their service.

To run the code you’ll want roughly these system packages:

  • libHDF5
  • imagemagick (:/)
  • libffi-dev

These python libraries:

  • rasterio
  • netCDF
  • numpy
  • cffi

And rayg’s himawari.

Running the code

Who knows?